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October 9, 2017
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February 4, 2018

The Meow University presentsFELLATIO MASTERCLASS by Angel's Erotic Solutions World Class Blow Job Techniques, Tips, and Tricks

Purchase Tickets **Please note. The location of this class is listed as private. Only paid registrants will be able to attend this class. There will be no at the door registration. Advanced registration only. Registration ends Sunday November 5th, 2017**

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn proven fellatio techniques and practical applications of performing sensational oral sex with your partner from a Celebrity Hired Fellatio Instructor!

Angel has instructed and made appearances on:

The Playboy Channel The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Koated Nights Intellectual Radio and more...


fine print: 100% hands on participation. Guaranteed delicious fun filled.

Angel of Angel's Erotic Solutions has over 50 techniques, taught over 80,000 women to date, and is an author of the book "Angels Secrets". To see her signature fellatio technique please log onto - Class registration includes: 1 dildo (FOR IN CLASS USE ONLY) 12 techniques and more flavored condoms towels booklet (illustrates techniques/notetaking) food and beverage 3 hours of presentation, instruction, and activity

Pre-Sale Registration - $40 (ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE) Registration - $65 Bring a Friend - Two for $100 Group of 5 - $200 ($40 each) About Angels Erotic Solutions:

In May 2004 Angel’s Erotic Solutions (AES) was born. Angel began AES modestly by hosting monthly seminars in select venues across Chicago land. As the years have passed the popularity of Angel’s seminars has increased impressively. Currently, AES seminars are booked three months in advance. Angel has shared her 50 different oral techniques from Illinois to Las Vegas, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Alabama, Wisconsin, New Orleans, North Carolina, California, Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Indiana and much more. Angel has been featured on “The Monique Show” on BET, “Kandi Koated Nights” streaming talk show hosted by Kandi Burress of Atlanta Housewives. She has also been a featured guest on WVON, the first black radio station in Chicago; she has opened up for the likes of Comedian Vanessa Fraction as well as others. Angel toured in 2012-13 with Kandi and Phaedra from Atlanta Housewife’s as the opening act for the Ladies Night out Male Review presented by Bedroom Kandi. Angel was a feature guest on Playboy’s Kevin and Andrea morning show and appeared on the Howard Stern morning show featuring her Fellatio DVD’s and Book. Essence Magazine interviewed Angel for the Jan 2014 issue.

From the birth of AES spawned the first DVD of its kind entitled Angel’s Pleasure Principles: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio Vol. 1 which has been endorsed by Dr. Rachael L. Ross medical doctor and Sexologist. AES message of sexual awareness and its’ pleasure has spread via sexual development conferences and workshops hosted by Angel herself. Angel over the past year was a relationships writer for expert, now author of “Angels Secrets”, her writing debut offers the world a front row seat of the pain, sadness, hope, and faith that made her into the woman she is today. “Angel’s Secrets” depicts the events that led up to the creation of AES despite traumatizing roadways that Angel was forced to travel. Her struggles hope to inspire women of all walks of life in building self-confidence, becoming aware of their sexuality and improving in the Art of Fellatio with the use of her sensual techniques.

Angel’s new founded overnight success came from with 1 million hits in the first 24 hours of her DVD, which has been seen by Millions via, FB, YouTube, Twitter, many adult xxx sites and with over 5 million hits just from that one site alone in 9 months. 100,000 hits on YouTube and so many other blogs have made her to be known as a “Fellatio Guru”. This comes from her latest project; Angel’s Erotic Solutions presents “Angel’s Fellatio Secrets” DVD, which includes her signature Grapefruit technique. This DVD is labeled as the gift that keeps on giving; it’s designed for the woman who wants to enhance her lovemaking skills. Women have told Angel how these techniques have increased their confidence and even saved their marriages! Angel has personally taught over 50,000+ women across the country how to master the art of fellatio. With “Angels Fellatio Secrets” you can enhance your skills in the privacy of your own home. Learn how to be creative, have fun and keep your companion at the same time! Angel’s new DVD Angel’s Fellatio Secrets is a great complement to the collection of her DVD’s and the information on this DVD goes beyond just fellatio, she also speaks on sex safe (How to put a condom on with your mouth), a fantasy, how to squirt, hot spots, and so much more. Angel’s most recent project is a new DVD series part 1 of 2 “Angel Teaching Home is Where the Heart Is.” In this DVD Angel will be teaching advanced Fellatio Techniques in conjunction with fantasies, and as a bonus her ‘Death’ technique is added.

Classs Booksn and DVD's IG-AuntieAngel2012 For booking information please contact manager:

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